Endure The Swarm — 

Endure The Swarm is an innovative twist on the block pushing puzzle game. Play through 50 levels as you discover what it means to endure.

I made this game over 2 years and think it's pretty good. It's got story, it's got puzzles, it's got music. It's got all the things I would expect from a game. 

Here's the trailer!

10 minutes of cutscenes. That doesn't sound like a lot, but ended up being a lot. There's also 15 minutes of narration. And 15 minutes of music. I didn't plan for them all to be so similar, they don't happen simultaneously. They all play at different times.

I wanted to make a game which focused on what it's like to be locked inside for years. At first, I thought it would be about COVID, but like many games, it ended up being about what it's like working alone as a game developer. It's quite lonely. You befriend a cat in the game but I don't actually own a cat. I want one, but don't trust myself to actually take care of one. I was trying to compensate by making a virtual cat. Hopefully it is appropriately cat like, despite the circumstances.

I know what you're thinking, "I'd love to talk about your game for my place I put words, but really need some screenshots or titles to make it pop" Wonder no more With this folder full of images You'll have all the assets you could hope for! (well, a smattering of assets I threw together, I don't really know what I'm doing here)